Start now before your services are at a breaking point: Lessons from the UK public sector’s automation success stories

By on 16/03/2022 | Updated on 16/03/2022

At a time of unprecedented pressure on services, a host of public sector organizations are embracing intelligent automation for a digital workforce that provides frontline staff with the support they need.

Intelligent automation is quickly becoming the catalyst for digital transformation within the UK public sector. Councils and NHS organizations are embracing a digital workforce to improve productivity, overcome resource challenges and meet growing citizen needs.

This white paper provides essential information on how these organizations are successfully implementing new solutions to the challenges of today. It also offers practical advice for the start of an automation journey.

It provides first-hand accounts of how intelligent automation is driving digital transformation and enhancing citizen experiences across a growing number of local authorities and NHS bodies — Barnsley Council, Caerphilly County Borough Council, City of Edinburgh Council, Norfolk County Council, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, and Suffolk County Council.

The report’s real-world case studies show where intelligent automation has been used, including the acceleration of digital transformation by connecting systems and data; eradicating errors in processing information; and freeing up staff from repetitive tasks to help them focus on more rewarding work.

Best practices from public sector automation leaders also reveal how to make intelligent automation happen in your organization, covering how to:

· Build a business case for intelligent automation and secure senior sponsorship.

· Establish a solid foundation for a successful automation program.

· Develop and attract the right skills to implement intelligent automation.

· Create a culture for intelligent automation through education and communication.

· Select the right technology partner.

· Collaborate with wider public sector stakeholders to share ideas and reduce duplication of effort.

In the words of one local government official, the time to lead transformation is now. “If you don’t do it now, when are you going to do it? When your financial back is completely against the wall?” said Gus Niven, intelligent automation manager, City of Edinburgh Council. “Or do you want to start now and build the trajectory before your services and people are at breaking point?”

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Lessons from the UK public sector’s automation success stories

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