The CHERRY passport to remote working

By on 30/03/2020 | Updated on 30/03/2020

Working from home or anywhere outside your main office can be fraught with both security and peripheral challenges, so what options are open to organisations who wish their staff to spend more time away from the office?

Security in an office is simple. Doors can be locked, desktop PCs can’t be removed. However, passwords are the most common form of security and these are generally provided in two options – user choice or chosen by the organisation. Either way, they can either be guessed or easily forgotten.

We came across one organisation, who issued a new, random, alphanumeric password every 30 days. Very secure indeed, as it’s not easily guessed. But when you have multiple systems, each with their own randomly set password, it can be a nightmare. The staff solution? Post-It notes dotted around the edge of their monitors so that they could remember them, which isn’t quite as secure as first thought.

As passwords could be lost when cleaners binned the notes or someone forgot to write the latest one down, the IT department still spent a great deal of time resetting password information for each user.

Providing biometric access solved the issue as only the person meant to be using the PC could access it. They logged on to everything with their fingerprint. No need to remember anything – you are the password. Use this in conjunction with a smartcard and it doubles the security (something you have and something you are). Use a password or PIN as well and 3 factor authentication is the height of security – all perfect for in-house and remote systems alike.

But what about staff who are simply working remotely and need products to populate their desktop to make working easier, more comfortable and safer? The feel of a keyboard or mouse and the comfort it provides the user, especially when working long hours are all important factors and should be considered. More comfortable working conditions mean less time off work and happier staff.

In our report, we’ll explore the methods which can be used to secure PCs in the remote workplace, as well as options to make staff more comfortable and productive.

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