Biometric Authentication For Dummies: All You Need To Know

By on 10/11/2021 | Updated on 11/11/2021

The conversation around biometrics can be a complex one, taking in face verification, fingerprint and iris scans, voice recognition, and various other alternatives. For people new to the space, it’s been a tricky field to navigate – until now.

Drawing on years of industry experience and expertise, Biometric Authentication for Dummies offers a definitive breakdown of the sector and how biometric technology can be used to replace passwords and other online security methods.

In a few short chapters, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of how government agencies and businesses can use biometrics to verify user identity online and protect against identity theft and fraud.

The guide covers:

• Why organisations should use biometrics for authentication

• How to secure biometric systems

• How to maximize the usability of biometrics

• How to protect user privacy

• 10 things to consider when choosing a biometric vendor

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