How data analytics can help governments recruit and retain talent

By on 30/03/2021 | Updated on 30/03/2021
Technology can guide and inform managers as they work to develop staff and strengthen workforces. Credit: Timon Studler/Unsplash

Data tools can provide invaluable insights to help both department leaders with their strategic workforce needs, and team managers to effectively support and develop individuals

Management is a people business so it’s always helpful to have a comprehensive picture of your staff. To recruit, develop and support staff, team managers need a deep understanding of each individual’s character, talents and weaknesses. And to successfully develop their organisations, senior leaders need a detailed knowledge of their workforce’s capabilities, characteristics and distribution.

Emerging technologies are providing some remarkable tools that can support both leaders and managers. They sift large volumes of data, identifying patters and information, providing accurate and timely analytics. These help to guide managers when developing individual staff members, and provide a workforce-wide picture of talent, expertise and capabilities – improving decision-making from the team level right up to the board.

For example, predictive tools can identify the skills and experience that will contribute to an employee being successful in a role, which can support recruitment campaigns. They can also help to retain expertise by predictively modelling the risk of each employee leaving the department, enabling HR teams to develop appropriate skills transfer and succession programmes.

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