Identity certainty: How biometrics can help secure public services

By on 28/01/2022 | Updated on 28/01/2022

As many governments’ services move online, secure, convenient and useable verification is key to ensuring services are accessed by – and provided for – the right citizens.

This is where biometric authentication can help, but the conversation around the technology can be a complex one – until now. Biometric Authentication for Dummies makes it easier for people new to the topic to understand how it works, and shows policymakers how it can help solve their identity problems.

Drawing on years of industry experience and expertise, Biometric Authentication for Dummies offers a definitive breakdown of the sector and how biometric technology – such as face verification, fingerprint and iris scans, and voice recognition – can be used to replace passwords and other online security methods.

In a few short chapters, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of how government agencies and businesses can use biometrics to verify user identity online and protect against identity theft and fraud.

The guide covers:

• Why organisations should use biometrics for authentication

• How to secure biometric systems

• How to maximize the usability of biometrics

• How to protect user privacy

• 10 things to consider when choosing a biometric vendor

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