Tackling the hidden challenge of legacy technology

By on 10/11/2021 | Updated on 15/11/2021

Nothing moves as quickly as technology. Its advances make lives easier, people more productive, and it unlocks human potential. Yet it also creates a challenge: today’s innovation is tomorrow’s burden. 

A considerable proportion of Government revenue is reliant on systems that are out of date. While the cost of keeping them running is eye watering, the real issue for the public sector is that these systems simply cannot fail. They’re mission critical and there is often a legislative remit behind many of them. They must work by law and it will lead to serious repercussions if they don’t.

While this problem might never be ‘solved’ entirely, it can be managed. Robotic process automation (RPA) can help the public sector to overcome the challenges of outdated systems. It can give them a new lease of life by bridging the gap between different pieces of legacy software. It can provide digital assistants to do one-touch processes, allowing robots to deal with the messy back office. It can read thousands – even millions – of documents and input data direct into legacy systems without the need for complex, expensive APIs or armies of civil servants.

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