Why is workforce analytics the key to driving public sector transformation?

By on 15/12/2020 | Updated on 15/12/2020
Today’s technologies can guide and inform managers as they work to develop staff and strengthen workforces

To build the society we want, we need our public servants to lead the way. The question is: how can government departments create the perfect blend of skills and experience to help govern the nation effectively, regardless of how the political landscape shifts?

Human resources (HR) teams in government departments face significant challenges in building a new workforce with the optimal talent bench to deliver digital transformation strategies and increase the efficiency of public services.

Accurate, timely analytics can play a vital role in helping HR react quickly to shifting resource needs as government policy evolves, compete effectively with the private sector for top talent, prepare for future needs by upskilling existing employees, and achieve the right blend of youth and experience to assure long-term stability. At the same time, analytics can help departments become more transparent and show the public how their workforce is delivering value for taxpayers’ money.

A recent report from SAS Institute explains how an end-to-end workforce analytics strategy can help government departments:

  • Recruit the right candidates by using predictive tools to identify the skills and experience that will contribute to employee success in a given role.
  • Utilise talent more effectively by profiling each employee to identify top performers and create focused learning and development opportunities for future leaders.
  • Retain expertise by predictively modelling the risk of each employee leaving the department, enabling HR teams to develop appropriate skills transfer and succession programmes.
  • Optimise incentives, helping HR leaders make the most effective use of budget to shape a well-balanced workforce for the future.

To learn more about how your department could benefit from workforce analytics, register below to download the full SAS report.

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